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Backup Generator Installation

Bring Power Back to Your Home During Any Outage!

Northwest Indiana has unpredictable weather. With lake effect snow and subzero temperatures during the winter as well as excessive humidity throughout the summer, you don’t want to be without power in your home. A generator can protect your home or business from the dangers of being powerless!

Generators Power Your Home

Generators are a great way to ensure your essential appliances and electrical devices work during an outage. Here’s an outline of how generators work to power your home:

  1. You’ve lost power.
  2. Your generator detects a loss of utility-based power.
  3. The ATS, or automatic transfer switch, is triggered to convert your home to generator power.
  4. Your generator begins running, using fuel.
  5. Electricity is restored to your home.

As you can imagine, the installation of a generator is an intricate process that involves connecting utility lines and electric lines. Without the proper connections, your generator cannot detect a problem and effectively power your Northwest Indiana home or business. Because of this, you need a professional generator installer!

backup generator installation outside of northwest indiana home

Professional Backup Generator Installation in Northwest Indiana

Backup generator installation requires precision and attention. When you need to power your home, you need the experts! MC Electric & Construction Corp. is skilled and experienced in generator installation. We will ensure the essential parts of your home receive power during any outage.

We handle every project with care and professionalism, adhering to any codes and safety considerations in the process. With MC Electric & Construction Corp., you will be certain that your home is protected, year-round! Contact us today for all of your backup generator installation needs!